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Bluetooth Keyboard for Android

These days, there are a lot of Bluetooth Keyboard for Android and it applications which can be found at the play store. Mostly, the keyboard applications offer a better integration on the user interface and experience. And it’s not easy to choose which is the most suitable application for us. Yes, this keyboard applications were too many and also too equal. So, I’m not gonna talk about those keyboard softwares, but the hardware keyboards.

As we know, Android devices give us simplicity in customizing it’s performances. We can transform our device into a versatile productivity machine by connecting it to a Bluetooth Keyboard. A keyboard like this allows you to type as fast as the desktop-style as needed. So, I’m gonna give you some suggestions about the Bluetooth keyboard for Android. Check them out.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+

This Logitech’s Keyboard is a superb keyboard, packed with a protective case, that can be used as a stand for your device vertically or horizontally. But, the most important thing is the keyboard itself. This Logitech tablet Keyboard for Android has the nice space between the keys, responsive, and of course gives us the comfort when we are typing. The build of this keyboard isn’t too flat, with a slight upward slant.

logitech bluetooth keyboard for android

This keyboard has five rows of keys, the number keys at the top which can be used as Android function keys in conjunction with a function (Fn) button. Those keys allows you to open application as well as a remote control music playback. It also has the dedicated Search, Back, Home, and Menu keys.

If we talk about the accuracy, this Logitech keyboard’s performance was just amazing. But there were still a few errors, when attempting a very fast typing. Even though that case is rarely happened. Yes, overall it’s outstanding.

Motorola Wireless Keyboard

The next one is the Motorola Wireless Keyboard. This Motorola’s is a great option for any Android device. It stands a sleek design with a futuristic Android-like look lettering keys, and a good spacing between the keys. The space makes it a little larger than the other Bluetooth keyboards. But the difference isn’t enormous, it’s just the matter of inch.

This keyboard contains of six rows. On the top, there’s a row of useful Android-specific functions. The function is just the same, to jump to an application and also as a music remote control. And the dedicated Home, Search, Menu, and Back keys are also there.

motorola wireless keyboard for android

The performance is good enough, responsive, and easy. About the build, this keyboard has raised ridge to make it even more slant and noticeable when we put it on the table, just lie the PC keyboard. Well, I also found that there were some “sticky key” syndrome on behind once and dropped a few letters as a result. But, overall the most part of this Motorola Wireless Keyboard was accurate and precise.

So, it’s your choice to choose between those two Bluetooth Keyboard for Android. Because it is you who know what’s best for you and for your Android device.

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