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Free Download Jurassic Park – The Game 2 HD For iPad 2

Recently, the Jurassic Park comes for iPad 2. These games can invite the enthusiasts to try it. But you must know that this game only work on iPad 2. The game situation of Jurassic Pack 2HD almost similar with the Jurassic Park movies. In this game, you’re trapped on island where plenty of meat-eating dinosaurs to wander freely. The Episode 2 is aptly known as, The Cavalry:

Nima, Gerry and Jess head for the coast and are forced into taking a shortcut using the Bone Shaker, a rollercoaster ride that’s still under-construction. An InGen rescue team lead by ex-grunt Billy Yoder and his quiet, menacing buddy-in-arms Oscar search for Gerry and his daughter.

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This game utilizes the feature of Airplay mirroring that available on the iPad 2 with help 2 screens. If you interested, then you can download from App store with a size of about 317MB. The price of this game is $6.99 wherein you can get it from App Store.

If you’re play this game first time, you will meet a some dinosaurs in prehistoric moment. They’re freely roam at the park area. The main of this game is to stay alive when you come to new place and meet a fierce dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. Every behaviour that you do, this game automatically take a screenshot from initial until you finishing the game. The overview of this game also provided so makes you not bored to play this game.

The game had been released almost 2 decades, on 1993. Based on the Novel by Michael Crichton, and break the record as well as raise a great story.

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A Jurassic Park game developer, Teltale Games, has now been quite successful with its objectives, including some games like Monkey Island series and the Back to the Future Games. The new filings include improved graphics that take advantage of dual core A5 on the iPad 2. If you are interested in this game, we’ve provided a link download to try it.

Download jurassic park the game 2 hd [Download Link]

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