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Download and Install iOS 7

Hello, it’s me again giving you the newest information about iOS 7 the hottest topics these days. Before we get to main topic which is how to download and install iOS 7, here is a little introduction. Apple released the iOS 7 Beta 2 a few moments ago, and of course there is a big changes here and there. Yeah, we’ll now talk about how to get this iOS 7 Beta 2 running on your device.

The beta has already become a huge topics since it’s announced on the WWDC conference. And now the 2nd beta, it will be much more interesting and more exciting though. More stable, more useable, than the first beta and it brought support for the iPad 2. iOS 7 is going to the next level we’ve expected for so long. Although it’s not an Official release but this beta 2 is really worth to try.

There are a few methods to download and install iOS 7 Beta 2 on your device. But, most of all are illegal. You’d better think twice before starting to download and install it on your device, because Apple knew this kind of illegal behavior better than we are. So we highly recommended to choose the legal method.

And here i want to show you the legal steps to download and install the iOS 7 Beta 2 on your device.

But, before we go through you must consider this few things. First, it only can be done with iPhone 4 and above or iPod because the iOS 7 Beta for iPad isn’t available yet. You’ll need the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac [Download Link]. And the last thing, don’t forget to back up your device.

Okay, here we go to download and install iOS 7 Beta.

    1. Sign up on the iOS Dev Center here : https://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/
      download and install ios 7
    2. You need to have an Apple Id to continue the step. And also it will costs some $99/year for US, and $60/year for UK.
    3. Next, navigate to https://developer.apple.com/devcenter/ios/index.action and sign in to your account.insall ios 7
    4. After signing in, register your device’s UDID. You can find your UDID on your iTunes after you connect your device. Click on the serial number to reveal your UDID, and then copy it.ios 7 download and install
    5. Go to https://developer.apple.com/account/ios/device/deviceList.action and register your device using the UDID number.download-ios7-register-udid
    6. Now, download the iOS 7 Beta 2 by clicking iOS 7 SDK beta and select Downloads. Download the IPSW file tailored for your device.download-ios-7-sdk
    7. Locate the downloaded file, it will be in a .dmg format and extract it.
    8. Again, connect your device to your PC or Mac, hold Alt key (on Mac, OS X) or Shift key (on Windows), and click Restore on your iTunes. Choose the extracted IPSW file, and let the process takes control.
    9. Here is it, the iOS 7 is on your device.

So that was the tutorial to download and install iOS 7 Beta 2 on your device. Well, once again it’s not the final iOS 7 yet but despite of it this beta is worth to try. Hope, the final iOS 7 will be more and much more better than this one.

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